Hotels: Placement into the most premium 5* hotels such as Four Seasons, Shangri-La Hotel, Hotel Ritz and Plaza Athenee.

Train & Airline Lounges: For VIP customers travelling from Paris we can place copies into the Eurostar, Emirates, BA, Air France and American Airlines lounges as well as Private Jet Centres such as Le Bourget.

Advertising Agencies:  We can display copies in dedicated  racks in all of the major agencies

Executive Cars: Copies placed into exclusive car services in Paris, these will include Private Car Paris, Paris Executive Limousine and AAA Luxury Car. Corporates Offices:

Copy placement targeting corporate brands such as BNP Paribas, BBC Paris, HSBC France and many more. Events: Your publication can be placed in the most targeted, stylish and popular venues around events such as Paris Fashion Week and Paris Air Show. Brand to Hand sampling can be used at events to create a theatre around your brand and allows copies to be placed directly into the hands of your target audience at specific high footfall locations around each event